Precision Nutrition Certified coach Beth Daugherty is now offering meal planning!!

We are not a quick fix diet!! We believe in creating life long healthy eating changes. We know and understand that nutrition is difficult and we want to help create a lifelong change for you. A journey that you can be proud of taking. We have a passion for sustainable, healthy foods. We understand the importance of nutrition and we can help you step into the nutritional world and work with you week by week to help you achieve your goals.

We have been through the weight loss struggle and know first hand how great it is to have your own coach to reach out to, it really is helpful to have someone in your corner. We would like to join you on your journey. Communication with your coach is a key ingredient to your success and is encouraged.  We encourage weekly communication with our clients to ensure the best meal plans for them to reach their goals. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may phone, text or email.

We want to take the journey with you!

12 Week Plan


Get started today and we'll send you a free sample meal plan!