Open Gym Release

I know of no physical or medical condition that either myself, or my physician is ware of that could be aggravated by participating in an exercise program. I agree to advise ABSolute-U-Fitness in writing if my physical or medical condition changes or if my physician advises against me continuing with my exercise routine. I will advise ABSolute-U-Fitness if I injure myself in any way while on property or while participating in exercises independently without the supervision of an ABSolute-U-Fitness trainer Employee, Agent or others assigned to provide fitness services at ABSolute-U-Fitness. I understand that ABSolute-U-Fitness provides video surveillance of the ABSolute-U-Fitness facility 24 hours per day 7 days per week and may use video footage in the event an injury does occur on the premises.

Code of Conduct

  1. Workout with a positive attitude and encourage others
  2. If you have a cold, virus, or other contagious illness, please refrain from using the gym until you have been symptom-free for 24 hours or more.
  3. If you need assistance, please ask one of the personal trainers.
  4. Put away all plates, dumbbells, and exercise equipment after use.
  5. Wipe down equipment with a clean towel and disinfectant after use. Please do not spray disinfectant directly on equipment spray disinfectant on towel and wipe down.
  6. Dispose of all trash in the available trash containers.
  7. The radio is set by ABSolute-U-Fitness; feel free to bring personal music and earphones.
  8. Place all towels and washcloths in the basket outside the office door prior to leaving.
  9. Personal Trainers reserve the right to use all equipment as needed when working with a client. Please allow trainers to work-in when using the same equipment.
  10. Work hard, train hard and get the results you want.