Crazy Mondays

I started off my Monday just as every other Monday with work to be done from last week, booking clients for this week, and the training of my Monday clients. Last week was not a good week: a lot of clients were sick, family things going on, and many other things to deal with. Monday, for some reason, is always a day when nothing seems to go right, you’re trying to get all the stuff in line for the upcoming days, people needing things and many owner tasks to get done. As the day progressed on, it only seemed to get worse; nothing seemed to be going right. Then it happened, my last clients of the day (husband and wife) changed my whole outlook on Monday. After their session I noticed that they both were looking very good. So I, being a trainer, commented on it.

The wife looked at me and said, “I will send you a photo of my husband when we started with you.” Ten minutes later I received a text from her. In the text was a photo of a man that I would have never recognized if I hadn’t been prepped for the photo (her husband). He looked 25 years older and a lot heavier then he is now.

A few seconds later I received another text from her that simply said “We couldn’t have done it without you!” In that moment, when my whole day had been crazy, I paused and thought, “I truly love what I do for a living.” My day was complete and all the negative things that had been wrong throughout the day suddenly slipped from my mind. It’s often said that a trainer has changed a client’s life by helping them get fit and become healthier but I disagree to a point. My clients have changed my life. They make me want to be a better trainer, to want to help them get fit and become healthier and most of all they have allowed me to enter their lives and have trusted in me.

So, when a Monday or any other day seems to be full of craziness, don’t worry, it can change in one text!