Lost 60 pounds!

*Individual results may vary.

One of the best parts about personal training is seeing transformations among our clients. The results are great, but being a part of the journey is even better. Today’s spotlight is on Emily, who started working out at Absolute U Fitness in February of 2012 and has lost over 50 pounds, become stronger, more fit, and lives a healthy lifestyle that inspires her friends and family.

  1. emilyWhat made you decide to use a personal trainer?
    I decided to use a personal trainer because I have underlying health issues coupled with joint hyper flexibility. I wanted to establish a relationship with a professional who could monitor those things while I worked toward fitness. Also, there is something about spending the money to have a personal trainer and the accountability that creates.
  2. How has personal training changed your level of fitness?
    Personal training has changed my fitness level dramatically. I only work out two days a week but the changes in my body are just remarkable. There is muscle definition, there is strength there is energy, all where a lazy fat person used to exist. I think the most shocking result is that I grew 3/4 of an inch last year. Okay, I didn’t grow but the weight loss coupled with core strength has improved my posture dramatically enough that I “grew”.
  3. What benefits have you seen from training?
    Aside from the obvious benefits of I look better and feel better, there is a mental attitude that has come of this journey. I’m more confident, I don’t hesitate to say “let’s go do…..”, I’m not self conscious about being in front of people.
  4. What has been the best part of personal training for you?
    The best part of personal training has to be becoming fit enough in the gym to also add running to my fitness program. I have completed two 1/2 marathons in the last 4 months. That would not only have been impossible previously, it wouldn’t have even occurred to me to try.