Exercise Induced Asthma

I recently had a lady contact me about personal training, but she was trying to figure out how to keep from suffering from exercise-induced asthma.  This is not a myth, it actually does occur with some people.

I did some research on this issue and came up with a couple of solutions.  PRO-AIR can be used to help this out.  Taken 30 minutes prior to exercise has been proven to significantly reduce exercise induced asthma.

You can also use your prescription inhaler 30 minutes prior to working out.  Always remember, if you have any medical issues, please check with your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough for that kind of activity.  Let them know what you will be doing in your workouts and a possible time frame your workouts will last per session.

A good trainer can and should always work around your medical issues and still be able to keep you healthy or help you to become more healthy.  If you keep using medical issues to avoid working out, you can actually make your medical issue even worse. So, STAY HEALTHY OR GET HEALTHY  Your future depends on it!