Importance of Strength Training for Women

For women looking to lose weight, it’s vitally important not to overlook the importance of strength training in a weight loss regime. Women working on weight loss tend to focus almost exclusively on cardio workouts, but there’s a lot of research that suggests weight training plays a vital role in weight loss success.

Wayne Westcott, PhD, from South Shore YMCA in Quincy, Massachusetts found that the average woman who engages in strength training activities 2-3 times per week will gain 2 pounds of muscle, and lose 3.5 pounds of fat. Gaining muscle increases your metabolism, and a waning metabolism is a common problem among women as they age. By gaining muscle, women can increase their metabolism and burn more calories.

Gaining muscle will increase your metabolism, but also give you more strength for better performance during cardio activity. Not to mention other benefits of strength training such as:

  • reduce risk of heart disease
  • reduce risk of diabetes
  • reduce risk of arthritis
  • improved attitude
  • lowered risk of depression
  • decreased risk of osteoporosis

Women often avoid strength training because they fear they will become bulky. This is a common misconception. The majority of women are unable to build large muscle mass.

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