Patti’s Testimonial

I’ve survived cancer twice and the treatment, along with getting  older in general, took its toll.  In January I decided I needed to make some changes to feel better and get stronger, but I wanted to learn the proper form so I wouldn’t get hurt.  I was a little nervous after the surgeries.  Weight loss…

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Marta’s Testimonial

I had been a person who lived with depression and low self-esteem. Despite attending the gym, I did not manage to have changes and was frustrated by not having enough knowledge. Now I am very grateful to have met Jacob since he is a kind person and always has words of encouragement. He motivates me…

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Jen’s Testimonial

meal chart

In December of 2016, I started working with Beth on my menu and doing personal training twice a week. When I started the program I was 182 lbs and by July of 2017, my weight is 146 lbs. At no point did I feel like I was starving (sometimes it was hard to finish everything).…

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Carey’s Testimonial

meal planner

I had been working with a trainer at Absolute U Fitness for about one year. I had lost a considerable amount of weight over the course of that year. I had maintained my weight for two months but I still wanted to lose another five to ten pounds. I was tired of eating the same…

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Connie’s Testimonial

nutritious food

I can’t say enough good things about Beth Daugherty, Certified Precision Nutrition Coach.  In July of 2016, I set a goal determined not to gain the weight I lost through personal training at Absolute U Fitness.  (I went from 204 lbs down to 150 lbs).   Along with my training, I had followed some advice from…

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