Carey’s Testimonial

meal planner

I had been working with a trainer at Absolute U Fitness for about one year. I had lost a considerable amount of weight over the course of that year. I had maintained my weight for two months but I still wanted to lose another five to ten pounds. I was tired of eating the same…

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Connie’s Testimonial

nutritious food

I can’t say enough good things about Beth Daugherty, Certified Precision Nutrition Coach.  In July of 2016, I set a goal determined not to gain the weight I lost through personal training at Absolute U Fitness.  (I went from 204 lbs down to 150 lbs).   Along with my training, I had followed some advice from…

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Logan lost over 30 Pounds!

Logan before and after weight loss

For the past year Beth has been my personal trainer and has helped me with making healthier food choices. I have never been so motivated and happy with myself.  I lost 30 pounds my first 6 months and a total of 50 pounds this past year!! I never felt deprived. I wasn’t hungry. I learned…

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Debra at figure oompetition

  I have been training with Brian for over 6 years and seen such incredible results in that time.  I have never felt stronger or healthier.  Brian is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to each session.  He makes each workout challenging, creative and fun!  Brian also places…

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Connie Competes at NPC Natural Indiana

Over the past 3 years, I’ve been training with Brian Quinlisk, putting my life back together, and making changes so I can be fit, and healthy.  The furthest thing on my mind was thinking I would ever compete in a bodybuilding/bikini competition.  In 2014, I was at my highest weight of 207 lbs. As a…

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